Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Conversion" Necks are designed to be installed on a standard scale length body.
  • Standard Guitar Heel Width- 2-3/16"
  • Standard Bass Heel Width- 2-1/2"
  • Our Necks are generally 1" thick at the heel (+/-.01").
  • Necks are sanded to 220 grit, exotic wood fretboards are normally sanded to 800 grit.
  • Our "Light Fret Level" will ensure that there are no high frets and minimize fret buzz. We also offer more extensive fret leveling options. Fret leveling details:
  • $90 for a full fret leveling/crowning/polishing job (we crown every fret surface and end, and file fall away into the last 5 or so frets).
  • $50 for a production leveling and polish (similar to methods used by many USA production guitar companies. We use sanding pads to crown the frets instead of a file).
  • We offer both 5-String Bass necks (1-7/8" Nut, 2-7/8 Heel. 4x1 Tuning machine alignment) and 7-String Guitar necks (1-7/8" Nut, 2-1/2" Heel. 7 In-line tuner holes). Reinforcement rods are strongly recommended for these options. We do not offer a warranty on these necks unless reinforcement rods are installed. Added time and cost vary, please inquire in the Custom Request Box.
  • We accept returns within 30 days and in some cases longer depending on the issue.